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South BeatTom McCormick


"South Beat...My God, it's unbelievable...I am blown away. What a magnificent disc..."

Stu Grant, Jazz DJ

(, 2016)

"Energetic funk horns bounce into my listening room with gusto...McCormick brings a fresh face to old standards and previews some original compositions that sound like they could easily become jazz standards."

Dee Dee McNeil, Jazz Journalist 

(, 2016)

"Reveling in a mash up of Brazilian, Latin, smooth jazz and stops along the way that both speed it up and slow it down, this is what major labels should have had in their mix when they were trying to bring jazz more to the masses."

- Midwest Record


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"[South Beat]...a mixture of Latin rhythms with straight ahead licks."

- The Jazz Lover, WUMR 91.7, Memphis, TN

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